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Ready to Buy or Sell Your Home?

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Firm News

 Attorney Little is a licensed real estate agent and can assist you whether you are buying or selling your home, or looking for assistance with your business real estate transactions.  

We offer many services including landlord representation, and buyer/seller representation. Real Estate Law is the study of the rules and regulations that govern the buying, selling, renting, and financing of property.   


Real estate law is often divided into two categories: private law and public law. Private law pertains to disputes between private parties (i.e., individuals or companies) and deals with contracts, liens, deed issues, zoning laws, property taxes, and more. Public law pertains to disputes between government entities and includes eminent domain claims, building codes, and zoning laws.   


Real Estate Law also touches on other areas of law such as contract law (e.g., when one party breaches a contract), property law (e.g., when one party wants to take possession of real estate), and business law (e.g., when one party fails to pay rent). 


Purchasing, Leasing, or Selling a Home – Documents to Bring to Your Attorney 

Buying or selling a home can be a tedious process, with many important documents and details to keep track of. But certain documents will make the process easier for everyone involved. This article provides a checklist of some of the most important documents needed, whether you’re buying or selling a home.


It’s important to have all of your paperwork in order 

When you are buying, selling, or leasing a home, it’s important to have all of your paperwork in order. Not only does having your paperwork ready when you meet with an attorney make the process easier for both of you, but it can also save you money too! 

When meeting with a real estate attorney like (Attorney Little), they will want to see proof that you own any properties mentioned in the contract. They may also ask for proof that there aren’t any liens against those properties. 

In addition to this documentation, there might be other documents required depending on whether or not there is already an existing mortgage on the property being sold or leased and if so what type of loan it was taken out against. 


Documents You’ll Need If You Are Buying a Home 

When you’re buying a home, you will have to sign a lot of documents. Here are the most important ones: 

  • Purchase agreement – this document is an agreement between the seller and buyer that details all of the terms of the sale. It includes information such as how much money is being paid for what items, who pays closing costs, and who pays for repairs after closing. 
  • Earnest money check – A deposit or payment made by an interested party at or before entering into an agreement showing good faith toward others involved in the same transaction; used by both parties as security against performance by the other party(ies). 
  • Purchase Offer 
  • Proof of Insurance (Title Insurance) 
  • Mortgage Application and other loan documents 
  • Loan commitment letter – after your mortgage application has been approved and your loan amount has been determined, the lender will send you this letter confirming that they are willing to lend money to purchase your home loan based on specific terms (interest rate, number of years). You should receive this letter within two weeks after submitting your application; if not, call them immediately! 


Documents You’ll Need If You Are Selling a Home 

  • Before your home goes on the market, you’ll need to get a few things in order. The first is to make sure that all of your personal property has been removed from the house. This means all furniture, appliances, and anything else that belongs to you or your family. You’ll also want to take inventory of anything left behind by previous owners—the real estate agent can help you with this process. 
  • Once everything is out of the house and accounted for, it’s time to clean it up! A thorough cleaning will give prospective buyers a positive first impression and motivate them to make an offer on your property quickly. Here are some things you should consider doing: 
  • Clean windows inside and out 
  • Dust baseboards 
  • Vacuum floors and furniture 
  • Purchase Offer 
  • Lease/Rental Agreement (If the property being bought is not owner-occupied) 
  • Listing Agreement with your Real Estate Brooker, If Applicable 


It’s Always Good to be Prepared! 

There’s no better way to be prepared for any real estate deal than by knowing your budget, and having the right documents and information ready! 

It is a good idea to get quotes on different types of insurance at the beginning of your search. This way, when you find “the one,” you can compare rates and find out which insurance company has the best offer for your needs. 

When comparing policies, make sure that there are no gaps in coverage or exclusions in their policies (like water damage from burst pipes). Some companies also offer discounts on certain coverages if they are purchased together as part of their bundle packages. The discounts can save money without having to purchase additional coverage from another company. 


Getting ready to buy or sell your home? 

Getting ready to buy or sell your home? From making an offer, to closing the deal and moving into your new place, Little Law PA is here with tips and advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about your options. Call 813-279-1140.