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Can I Fight A Deportation Order

Fighting a deportation order or a removal from the United States is a difficult process due to the complexities that surround the United States Immigration Law. A deportation is initiated with the mailing of a Notice To Appear Letter. If you have received a Notice To...

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Immigration Scams to be Aware

When it comes to scams, immigrants are commonly preyed upon by scammers and con artists because their victims lack the needed information to see through their scamming acts and other times, the victims feel that they cannot reach out to law enforcement for help....

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is the study of the rules and regulations that govern the buying, selling, renting, and financing of the property.  Real estate law is often divided into two categories: private law and public law. Private law pertains to disputes between private...

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What you may not know about U visas

Undocumented immigrants staying in the United States are exposed to exploitation and attacks from several avenues. Out of fear of deportation, they often end up as victims of heinous crimes that go unreported to security agencies and the police. Not just that, they...

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When to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Having a lawyer by your side during the immigration process is not a requirement, but it is a right you are entitled to that you should take advantage of. For some, their immigration case is cut-and-dry, they clearly meet all eligibility requirements, do not have a...

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Overview of Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit when someone causes you, through accidental or deliberate actions, any injury that leads to serious damage or life-threatening disabilities. If you are planning to file suit against the culprits of your injury, it is...

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