When to Hire an Immigration Attorney


Having a lawyer by your side during the immigration process is not a requirement, but it is a right you are entitled to that you should take advantage of. For some, their immigration case is cut-and-dry, they clearly meet all eligibility requirements, do not have a criminal record, and have never been on the wrong side of the law or immigration officers. For these individuals, proceeding down the path to obtain a visa, green card, or even naturalization is smooth and successful. However, this is not always the case for all individuals seeking refuge in the United States or businesses attempting to navigate immigration law for the first time to sponsor an employee for a visa or transfer them to an American branch of your company.

There are times when hiring an immigration attorney will save you time, money, and stress. Here are some scenarios in which seeking the aid of an immigration attorney will be the most beneficial for your immigration needs.

You Are Encountering Delays By The USCIS.

Jokes about bureaucratic red tape are no joke when it comes to the immigration process. An attorney won’t have magic scissors to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, but they will have the insight and personal access to connections that you would otherwise not have access to in order to follow up on why your case may be delayed and provide the necessary legal steps to remedy the issue that may be holding up your case.

You Are Just Overwhelmed by All Of The Paperwork.

Not to mention the risk of misfiling or incorrectly completing a form and having your petition for a visa or permanent residency status jeopardized or outright denied. Recognition of an attorney’s ability to handle paperwork is vastly underestimated and going with an attorney who mostly takes immigration cases is going to be your best bet. Not only do they have superb paperwork skills, but they have also handled immigration-specific paperwork, so they are familiar with exactly how each for should be completed.

You Are an Employer Looking to Hire Foreign Workers.

Your expertise lies in the field in which your practice your business; ours lies in immigration law. There are several steps an employer must first take in order to sponsor an employee for a work visa or green card. This labor certification (PERM) process has several very specific requirements that must be carried out exactly as worded in the law. One of the most complicated parts of the process is the completion of Form 9089. A simple typo, incorrect wording, or not fulfilling one of many outlined requirements can lead to a failed attempt – even if you are off by a penny when providing the employee’s salary your form can and will be denied.

You Are Currently in Immigration Court Proceedings or Are Facing Potential Deportation.

It is not too late to seek help, and it is extremely important that you do if you wish to have a chance at staying in the United States. When you are facing deportation, or removal, by the immigration court, the forms and application process is different than what an immigrant would complete if they were not facing immigration court. Things can get even messier if you were mid-process in applying for a visa or permanent residency when something happened to lead to potential deportation. Having an experience and knowledgeable immigration lawyer at your side will help to ensure the right forms are filed.

You Have Been Deemed “Inadmissible”.

This is one of the most common reasons that bring people to the law offices of an immigration attorney. If you have been labeled or would be considered to be inadmissible by the USCIS or the consulate, then you should seek the legal aid of an immigration lawyer before you attempt to begin the immigration process on your own.

Little Law, P.A. Difference

Little Law is dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional, and passionate representation for their immigration matters. As advocates, we are always fighting for our clients’ best interest. We understand that navigating the legal system may be confusing and overwhelming; we are professional, highly responsive, and here to help our clients get the best outcome for their case.

Retaining an attorney is an important decision; we provide complimentary consultations, educate our clients on the law as it pertains to their matter, and offer payment plans and case financing options that will allow our clients to move forward with their case in an affordable way.

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